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The wow factor in your home, the floor can be a hit or miss. Perzhu can absolutely present you with different types of floor sand colors to better compliment your style. The right flooring should be able to serve your family, to withstand pets and children, and still remain sturdy and beautiful. We are professionals to help you find the right floor, for the right price, and we'll put it all together for you. Different flooring such as: 

  • Hardwood Floor- The durability of hardwood floors is a great benefit, it can last a lifetime  when properly installed and maintained. Easy maintenance, taking little effort to sweep clean. Very fashionable and desired by many homeowners. Many options of wood, from soft wood to hard wood, and even more options for staining. 

  • Engineered hardwood- real hardwood floors with a plywood, medium-density fiberboard, or lumber-core. A very stable flooring for any level of the house, especially great for basements able to be installed over concrete. Same great look, but more affordable than real hardwood.

  • Laminate Floor- Budget friendly with the same stunning look as hardwood, and easy maintenance. 

  • Carpet- Cozy, comfortable, and affordable it's a win-win for you the homeowner. Thousands of colors and styles to choose from.

  • Tile- Another great option, having many styles and colors to choose from. Easy maintenance to clean and durable. Tile can be an alternative flooring, for some who have allergies to dust from carpet. Just like hardwood, quality tile will add value to your home. Tile can have many designs and can make the focal point of the room.