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Gutters & Downspouts
Protection from Water Damage...
Gutters and downspouts protect the exterior surface and perimeter grading of your home by capturing and directing roof run-off in a controlled manner. They are a key component to avoiding damage to your home’s exterior, basement flooding and soil erosion.




 Perzhu Construction will expertly install new gutters and downspouts custom-made on site to ensure a perfect fit and meet your exact needs. Constructed of seamless aluminum, they are available in virtually any color to complement your home’s style. And of course, because they come from Perzhu, you know that they’ll function properly and last for years to come.


Perzhu Construction installs custom-made gutters and downspouts for:
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Existing Homes
  • Restoration
  • New Home Construction
  • Associations / Town Homes / Apartments 
  • Churches & More
Gutter Guide:
  • We’ll help you decide what kind of gutter you want, whether it’s the most common K-shape, or half-round for a softer look on the edges of your roof.
  • We’ll present you with a variety of options for downspout shapes and sizes depending upon the environment in which you live (urban or rural) and the look that best suits your home’s style.
  • We’ll assist you in choosing a color that’s appropriate for your home’s appearance.